Water systems

We can help you installing your process and irrigation water systems. We know about flow, valves, pumps, filters and sensors you name it, we install and repair it.

Pump service

Is your pump leaking or not making pressure anymore? Contact us to see whats wrong with it and what it will cost you to get it going again.

Hydronic greenhouse heating

Hydronic heating is the most efficient way to heat your greenhouse. The system has proven itself all over the world. We have the know-how and skills to design, install and service your system.

Machine repairs

we can service your machines. spun bearings, broken drives or belts. we can fix it.


When you need some more man power or just want to outsource your fabrication, we can help you out. We can come to your place or work from our place. Tig, mig and stick welding on stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.


Need your process lines and other pipe work connected? We work on site but have the skills to prefab most of the work. We work with almost every material.